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Velez's work, with his fluid command of advanced technology, exemplifies the powerful art being made in video today.

— Charles Hagen
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this exquisitely shot, multi-layered journey though the labyrinthine corridors of memory and forgetting by New York based, Puerto Rican born pioneer video artist Edin Vélez is nothing short of dazzling.

This and That…will long remain as an aesthetic milestone in the postmodern articulation of a globally savvy diasporic identity in the making.

exhibition catalog Brussels

Eschewing a conventional narrative voice, Velez orchestrates a confluence of associative elements to evoke, rather than analyze, the textures of a specific culture or place. The internal rhythm, pace and structure of his works lend the recorded images immense weight and credence. With his subtle and sophisticated use of electronic effects, content is redefined through intricately structured, fluid progressions of visual and aural metaphors

— Marita Sturken, Electronic Arts Intermix Catalog

The primary sensibility imparted by Edin Vélez's work in video is a sense of place- one that ultimately reveals the untranslatability of place and presence. Here place is evoked through the layering and collage of multiple, often disparate images arranged not in a the linear narrative framework that defines cinema , but in terms of surface/depth and a spatially tangential relationship…he is helping push this medium towards a redefinition.

— Barbara London, Associate Curator, Museum of Modern Art, New York, American Film Institute's Maya Deren Awards Catalog