A Certain Foolish Consistency

Digital, 79 Minutes, experimental narrative, 2007
Producer, Director, Director of Photography
Premiered at Scanners, The Lincoln Center Video Festival. Walter Reade Theater, New York.  2007

It is a summer morning in New York City. Molly wakes up to the sound of her upstairs neighbors making love. She listens through the kitchen air vent and records the sounds as a present for her date that night. In A Certain Foolish Consistency, Molly, a twenty-something social worker with a boyfriend she barely tolerates but can't muster the courage to break up with, is woven into the fabric of New York City in a completely fractured, layered story that combines love, lust, destruction and construction in an offbeat search for happiness and romance.

A Certain Foolish Consistency; video art pioneer Edin Velez's first narrative feature, replaces traditional three-act dramatic structure with a multi-layered narrative in which scenes and story elements keep reappearing in a variety of iterations. The foundation of the feature is its circular structure, within which multiple strands of time overlap and fold in on themselves. Combining sexually explicit material with visually arresting structure and form, it bridges the gap between traditional cinema and experimental art.